Big Onion Food Caterer – Shock and Awe !

Big Onion Food Caterer - Shock and Awe !Shock and Awe. If you are in the know, you’d probably remember this is the rallying cry during an army operation to quell an invasion happening somewhere in the desert during the earlier part of the 21st century. Enough of history, we at Big Onion caterers employ our own version of “shiok” and awe in our catering business. In arriving to this, we put ourselves in our valued customers’ shoes and demand what we want as a paying customer.

Off the bat, the first would be, FOOD must be GOOD. That’s a given. It’s a death knell for any food and beverage business if the food is not up to par. We can’t even imagine serving food that’s not up to our customers’ high standards. We take this seriously. Our outsourcing team hunts for the freshest always! Halal of course!

Secondly as customers we want the best bang for the buck and cost conscious customers always demand the mileage that their hard earned cash can bring them. We can’t say we are the cheapest out there but for a set budget we give our best to strrrreeeeeetttccchhh it. Every Ringgit counts for us as much as for the customers.

Thirdly is the quality and speed of service. At any good restaurant, we want good food, decently priced and service par excellence. In our catering business we emulate that and we bring the restaurant to you. Our well trained serving staff is our pride and joy.

Of course, hygiene is a major factor too. Our food is prepared in a hygienic environment from the moment it arrives in our kitchen to the moment its presented at your party. We will have it no other way as we know the consequences are too dire to ignore.

Coming in at number five is the speed and response of our sales team. Time is always of the essence and customers nowadays want things done in a jiffy. Time is money, literally, for both the customers and us.

Adaptability to suit customers’ needs is also key to our business. No one order is alike and some are more “unique” than others. Be that as it may, our catering business strives to fulfil those needs. Catering on a yacht? We’ve got our sea legs. Vegan? Sure. No worries.

Presentation is key to us and we know that before the food is consumed orally, it is consumed visually. As such we do not compromise on the quality of our table settings, table ware and serving dishes. We hold true to the adage that the food not only taste good but look the part too.

Service advisory is key to a successful party. Customers want their party to be successful, to be the talk among coffee machine so to speak. Our service advisory team will look into each request and understand the requirements as needed and offer our expertise along to ensure an event to be remembered. Fondly of course.

Our food leaves out kitchen hot and it should arrive at your party without any major loss of heat. Our logistics team ensure that. That is always a major obstacle with the unpredictable traffic but with the help of our well-travelled logistics team (Waze helps! A bit), we deliver!

A tepee to a grand Arabic tent, with seatings to match, with the requisite budget of course, we aim to fulfil every customers needs and requirement. We offer a one stop solution to your catering needs and at Big Onion, we don’t say the part, we just do it!

Food Caterer Kuala Lumpur

What Things You Should Be Aware In Finding A Caterer For Your Event


When it comes to the things that can make or break an event, few are as important as the quality, flavour and appearance of the food and beverages you serve.

In addition, because catering is often the #1 or #2 line-item cost for most events, the caterer you choose is also a significant budgetary decision and can influence how much money you have left over to spend on other areas.

Add in the fact that caterers can vary dramatically in their pricing and the types of meals and services they offer, and the process of selecting a caterer can figuratively and literally feel like you are comparing apples to oranges.

The 10 top criteria event you should consider when hiring a caterer.


#1— Responsiveness and Personal Interest in Your Needs

How responsive and interested a caterer is during your initial conversations is indicative of how they will perform during the length of their contract with you.

Many caterers will claim to have the best-tasting food made with the freshest ingredients at the most competitive price, but it is a rare quality for one to be both quick to return calls and emails and open to critiques and new ideas. While these may seem like somewhat insignificant factors when compared with overall taste and cost, they actually mean that the caterer is truly concerned with meeting the customers’ needs and ensuring that they are pleased with both the product and the service.

A prospective caterer should be learning as much as they can about you in your first few conversations with them, so you should expect them to be talking and asking questions about 20% of the time and you provide answers and outlining your needs about 80% of the time.

#2— Ability to Handle Your Specific Type of Event

Not every caterer is perfect or every type of event, and many caterers themselves openly admit this.

Each caterer has areas they specialize in so even a caterer with a great reputation may not be the best fit for you. For example, some are more ’boutique’ and specialize in smaller intimate-type social events. Others specialize in serving large corporate and non-profit organisations

So when interviewing your caterers, you need to be specific about the type of event you are planning and the type of food and/or presentation you are expecting. Otherwise, you may end up selecting a caterer who simply isn’t a good fit for the type or style of your event.

#3— Flexibility Regarding Menu Options

Practically every caterer has a standard menu or menus to choose from, and many do provide some level of built-in flexibility to adapt these menus to your specific needs by substituting specific items and/or customizing others. Any caterer who has been in the industry and knows what they are doing should have a few different menu options that are constantly being updated and changing to keep up with current trends. However, the standout caterers will go beyond standardized menu options and be willing to create amazing fare that matches even more specific theme and dietary needs.

An ideal caterer should also be wilting to handle (or at least consider) special requests. Ask the caterer if they are willing to include or will they work with items of special significance to the style or theme of your event? Or can they prepare vegetarian, or children’s, meals for your guests?”

All of these are important questions to ask upfront to see how far each caterer you interview is able and willing to accommodate you.

#4 – Willingness to Provide Tastings

How will you ever know what a caterer can do unless you sample their goods? And more specifically, how will you know what the menu items you are considering will taste like unless you specifically try them?

Some people shy away from asking to sample the specific items they want for their event because it seems like a hassle for the caterer, but it is standard to ask for a sampling of what you are intending to order before you sign on the dotted line.

Never settle for a caterer that will just give you a generic sample; you need to know what the food on your menu will taste like. Be prepared to pay for these tastings if necessary.

And when you are sampling the food, also attend to how it is presented, as any caterer who takes the time to properly display a sample will probably be more likely to make that kind of effort on your event day.

#5 – Familiarity With the Venue

This can get even more specific depending on the restrictions of the venue itself, like in the case of mosques and temple sites. You want to be sure you choose a caterer who has worked at that venue before and knows all the rules that are typical of sites like this. Even more traditional venues can also have restrictions that caterers must follow – like certain setup standards or disposal restrictions for waste food and water – so having a caterer that is familiar with a venue’s rules can potentially save you lots of hassle on event day.

#6— Complete Explanation of Services/Goods Promised in the Contract

The caterer’s contract should clearly spell out exactly what food, beverages and services the caterer will be providing on the designated day(s). Every detail should be included in the contract, included selected menus, number of servings and/or people to be served, beverage service details (if applicable) and all pricing and additional services.

#7—A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

No caterer with a shred of dignity and scruples enters into a contract with plans to bail at the last minute, but you need to make sure there is a cancellation clause in your contract just in case your caterer has to cancel.

Get detailed information on how they handle cancellations and make sure it’s included in the contract. You should find out if your deposit is fully refundable and what the next steps are. And will they refer you to other caterers or help make some calls to see who is available?

You don’t want to be left without recourse with only days or hours before your event, so just make sure cancellation procedures and penalties are in place so you do have a backup plan.

#8 – References You Can Call and Talk To

Of course you will need to check up on the caterers you are considering, and it’s always good to start online and check out catering sites for their reviews and ratings.

However, don’t stop there, as online reviews are not always reliable (or even authentic); for example, a good caterer may have had a few nightmares/hater clients who skew their ratings, while a truly mediocre caterer may have padded their online reviews. So see if you can track down some past clients of the caterers you are considering and reach out to them.

People are often more forthcoming in private conversations about any disappointments in regards to the food or overall experience with the caterer than they are in written reviews online.

#9— Insurance

Every caterer we talked to called insurance coverage “a given” for caterers, and you certainly don’t want to legally be on the hook for some oversight or accident that was the fault of your caterer.

Any reputable catering company is going to have liability insurance. If they don’t, this is definitely a red flag. This type of insurance protects them and keeps you from having to deal with any recourse if something were to happen and they weren’t properly insured.

#10 – An Experienced Chef and Kitchen Staff

Surprisingly, how long a catering company has been in business may not be as critical in selecting a great caterer as you may think.

Length of time in the catering industry doesn’t necessarily translate into great and tasty cuisine. The chef’s background and experience can be more important than the owner of the company who has awards on their shelf. It’s the chef, sous chef and kitchen staff that often seals the deal.”

You will know that you have picked the right caterer when they are willing and able to elegantly and expertly surprise and delight your guests by delivering beautiful, tasty and adventurous food with great service that compliments your event theme, you have nailed the catering aspect of your event.

We, at Big Onion will work with you closely to satisfy your heart’s desire in having a great and memorable culinary experience at any of your event. Give us a visit, a call and have a taste of our services.

Fine Dining

Fine DiningFine Dining Eating is such an integral part of Malaysian society so much so that you could eat at any time of the day and not be considered to be some kind of phagomaniac (excessive desire for food or eating).

Food is also readily available 24/7 and in some places you can get it delivered right to your doorstep with just a couple of finger swipes on your smart phone. Such is the passionate love affair we Malaysians have with food. We surely live to eat and not the reverse. Ask any average Malaysian and they’ll tell you it’s not only about stuffing our face crazy with grub but eating excellent flavourful food that we will swear blind is to die for.

Our passion for food has truly set the stage for the concept of fine dining in Malaysia. Back in the day,fine dining was synonymous with those of nobility and exclusive for the rich and famous. Eateries that practiced this art were even rarer. The art of fine dining has definitely developed over the years and in fact become a big part of urban Malaysian culture.

Hit TV shows like Master Chef and 24 hour cooking programs on cable TV have definitely influenced the masses. This phenomenon is evident through the plethora of fine dining eateries that have mushroomed all around the KL area and are brimming with people on the weekends.

Fine Dining in Malaysia

Dining in Malaysia has taken a paradigm shift where the average foodie no longer only looks for good flavour on the palate but rather an entire experience to go along with it. Fine dining fits the bill perfectly. So what is all this fuss about the experience of eating?

Firstly, it’s in the air, the atmosphere. This is an essential part to the fine dining experience, the first impression you get when you walk in to a restaurant. The ambience is usually tastefully designed. One would immediately feel comfortable and pampered with the surroundings. Soft tones of colours, dimmed lights and graceful music played in the background combined with comfortable chairs, make for a perfect dining experience.

Next, is the service, the people that make it all possible. Fine dining is more than just taking an order and serving the food promptly. It is about a bond between the patron and the server. Usually one smartly dressed server dedicated per table. They escort patrons to the table, holding the chair for women. They possess uncanny knowledge of the menu, ingredients, cooking methods, are prompt to answer any questions and ready to make recommendations. Clearing the table of crumbs in between courses, replacing linen napkins if a patron leaves the table and having excellent timing is also key as the pacing of the meal is leisurely yet consistent. These are just a few of the many ways your assigned server tries to make your fine dining experience a memorable one.

Fine Dining ExperiencesThe whole crux of the fine dining experience, boils down to these two key elements which are the plating and the flavour of the food served. Presentation is important as it combines food and the art concept together. Small portions with attention paid details, are placed exquisitely and crisply on a plate. These eye catching presentations are a joy to the senses and give the patron an uncontrollable urge to tuck into the delicacies placed before them.

Finally, the flavour of the food served is second to none. Superior quality produce treated delicately with respect to create dishes that taste very subtle yet outstanding. The food preparation is done by a chef who is qualified with years of industry experience and reputed to have special culinary skills.

Bringing all these 4 elements together culminates in an unforgettable dining experience that one should at least try once in his or her life time albeit the heavy price tag to go along with it. After all you only live once YOLO!!!, Why not live to eat now and then like the Royals of yesteryear.

Halal Chinese Banquet

If you’ve ever been invited to a Chinese wedding, birthday or an event where you partake of a traditional Chinese banquet, consider yourself lucky—you’re in for a sumptuous feast. Steeped in symbolism, the banquet provides attendees with a chance to sample a host of native cuisine, family style.


Halal Chinese Banquet


When it comes to food, a banquet often comprises of eight to 10 different courses, which vary depending on the type of event. The Chinese word for the number eight sounds like “good luck” and thus, the number is considered auspicious.

Seated at round tables for 10 to 12 guests, enjoy typical courses—cold appetizers, soups, various meat and vegetable dishes, seafood, fowl, noodles, fruit and sweets.


Halal Chinese Banquet Caterer Malaysia


Fresh fruits—such as tangerines (luck) or oranges (wealth), plus hot sweet red bean soup with lotus seeds (good luck colour and seeds, which signify many kids) may also be served. And of course, enjoy your warm tea, which symbolizes respect.


Tips & Etiquette:Halal Chinese Banquet Caterer

  • When attending a Chinese banquet, leave your diet at home because guests are encouraged to eat heartily.
  • However, don’t forget that you’ll be sampling anywhere from eight to 10 courses, so you need to reserve some room for the other goodies.
  • Plus, you want to make sure everyone at your table gets to sample each course, so small portions are good, too.
  • But, keep in mind there are more courses to be served, so wait as the hostess will leave the platters for a bit of time, but will take them away sooner than you may think.
  • Although the order in which the courses are served may vary, depending on the event, they’ll still be offered in the venue’s predetermined format.
  • And as with any host, yours will be happy to know that you and your fellow guests had an ample amount of dishes at their occasion, which signify prosperity and abundance.


To make everybody happy, banquet food follows a script right from the opening round. The restaurant lights dim, and a squadron of waiters’ bursts through the kitchen doors balancing platters heavy with a variety of food. This performance piece has become the standard kickoff for Chinese banquets around the globe.

Course after course, then follows, usually eight, since eight is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture. Starting with a big soup of chicken or shark’s fin with an herbal, faintly medicinal fragrance. A giant fish, steamed. A smattering of other dishes. Then, finally, little bowls of noodles and fried rice, which signal the meal’s end—a polite touch of traditional Chinese culture indicating that the host saved the starchy staples until the last course to aid digestion and enable guests to get their fill of the more expensive foods, especially the meats and fish.

From start to finish, the most important element at a Chinese banquet is the taste of abundance. Come and taste this abundance of taste with Big Onion Chinese Banquet. We are very sure that it would meet your needs.

Welcome to Big Onion

Welcome to the Big Onion’s fine dining, catering service. Passionate, talented and service-driven staff to meet your needs.


Big Onion Food Catering Services


When you are planning a special and meaningful event, food has always been one of the centre of attention, your guests will usually remember the fine cuisine laid out before them at that time.


At Big Onion’s our commitment and passion to food is ingrained in each member of our team. We are dedicated to make your day a special day starting from the selection of the best ingredients to the search for new ideas. We dedicate ourselves to discovering new food trends & fun and exciting ideas to make your celebrations memorable. We love finding ideas that will make you and your guests happy with all that is done.


Stylish & creative

To perfect your dining experience, we provide all of the catering equipment to make your special occasion even more special. We can also have an in-house florist & decoration specialist to help decorate the place.


Our goal is to exceed all expectation. A commitment to excellence is the driving force behind Big Onion fine catering service. Starting with a talented, experienced and inventive culinary team, our professional, friendly and intuitive management team ensures every detail is covered, while our impeccable service team possess the training and expertise to expedite every detail of each occasion


The reputation for quality and reliability remain consistent, providing clients and guests with superior cuisine, an impeccable attention to detail and unmatched service. From the planning stage to the event execution, our staff possesses the training and experience customers have come to expect. Affording the host the opportunity to enjoy themselves as much as the guests, while we expedite every detail with unmistakable perfection.


So come and have a culinary journey with us.