Savoring Success

The Best Professional Halal Food Catering You Will Ever Experience

Big Onion has come a long way. Having served more than 1,000 customers nationwide for over 15 years, we have grown tremendously in strength, numbers, and experience to be the preferred choice in Malaysia for premier catering service.

From day one, our talented chefs and culinary crew have been consistently battering the quality of food and beverages, alongside our dedicated research and development team constantly improving the quality of our products and services, unleashing new recipes and delicacies, streamlining our catering operations.

More Than Just Delicious Food and Drinks

Beyond being a formidable caterer, we are also a trusted partner to our esteemed customers in offerung a complete, one-stop event management service capable of handling every and any form of accasion.

You name it, we have done it. Setting up boardroom lnches, coctail receptions, gala dinners, coference crafting, children’s birthday parties with a personal touch and enchanting wedding banquets, are just some of the events we have completed with the utmost style and professionalism.

Your Smiles Fuel Our Progress

Our constant attention to operational details, meticulousness in selecting only the best ingredients to produce JAKIM-certified halal cuisines, and the drive to perfection in the presentation of our food and beverages serve one ultimate purpose: your satisfaction, without worry.

The sights and sounds of children and their families enjoying their birthday parties, distinguished guest and VIPs socializing while savoring our delicacies and our food presentations entertaining guests at the wedding banquet make everything that we have set out to do truly worth it.

Always Improving and Looking to the Future

What’s our secret? To put it simply, we are always moving forward, pushing ourselves to create the new and explore the unventured. Innovating is the name of the game, and our strive for perfection is what earned us our stellar reputation and our myriad of nationally recognized awards.

Your comments and feedback are much welcomed, and crucial to the continuous improvement of our quality of products (food and beverages) and services (hospitality, presentation, and event

operations). Our culinary crew continues to create and innovate new types of dishes and desserts, improving the effectiveness of our F&B presentation, cultivating new event ideas, and streamlining the flow of our operational matters.

We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Portfolio

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