Big Onion Food Caterer - Shock and Awe !Shock and Awe. If you are in the know, you’d probably remember this is the rallying cry during an army operation to quell an invasion happening somewhere in the desert during the earlier part of the 21st century. Enough of history, we at Big Onion caterers employ our own version of “shiok” and awe in our catering business. In arriving to this, we put ourselves in our valued customers’ shoes and demand what we want as a paying customer.

Off the bat, the first would be, FOOD must be GOOD. That’s a given. It’s a death knell for any food and beverage business if the food is not up to par. We can’t even imagine serving food that’s not up to our customers’ high standards. We take this seriously. Our outsourcing team hunts for the freshest always! Halal of course!

Secondly as customers we want the best bang for the buck and cost conscious customers always demand the mileage that their hard earned cash can bring them. We can’t say we are the cheapest out there but for a set budget we give our best to strrrreeeeeetttccchhh it. Every Ringgit counts for us as much as for the customers.

Thirdly is the quality and speed of service. At any good restaurant, we want good food, decently priced and service par excellence. In our catering business we emulate that and we bring the restaurant to you. Our well trained serving staff is our pride and joy.

Of course, hygiene is a major factor too. Our food is prepared in a hygienic environment from the moment it arrives in our kitchen to the moment its presented at your party. We will have it no other way as we know the consequences are too dire to ignore.

Coming in at number five is the speed and response of our sales team. Time is always of the essence and customers nowadays want things done in a jiffy. Time is money, literally, for both the customers and us.

Adaptability to suit customers’ needs is also key to our business. No one order is alike and some are more “unique” than others. Be that as it may, our catering business strives to fulfil those needs. Catering on a yacht? We’ve got our sea legs. Vegan? Sure. No worries.

Presentation is key to us and we know that before the food is consumed orally, it is consumed visually. As such we do not compromise on the quality of our table settings, table ware and serving dishes. We hold true to the adage that the food not only taste good but look the part too.

Service advisory is key to a successful party. Customers want their party to be successful, to be the talk among coffee machine so to speak. Our service advisory team will look into each request and understand the requirements as needed and offer our expertise along to ensure an event to be remembered. Fondly of course.

Our food leaves out kitchen hot and it should arrive at your party without any major loss of heat. Our logistics team ensure that. That is always a major obstacle with the unpredictable traffic but with the help of our well-travelled logistics team (Waze helps! A bit), we deliver!

A tepee to a grand Arabic tent, with seatings to match, with the requisite budget of course, we aim to fulfil every customers needs and requirement. We offer a one stop solution to your catering needs and at Big Onion, we don’t say the part, we just do it!