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What is a meal without sambal? A true Malaysian would only consider their meal complete if this local condiment is on the plate, but what happens when you’re travelling to another country, or you’re stuck at home during the lockdown season and have no idea how to whip up a perfectly cooked sambal? Fret not, that’s where our almighty Bawang Sambal comes in.

Our Bawang Sambal is an all-purpose condiment that you can toss on literally any type of authentic Malaysia dish. Made up of a special blend of chilli peppers, palm sugar, shrimp paste and authentic Thai sauce, our sambal is cooked under low heat with a unique simmering process that’ll give off a homemade taste you can never get enough of. The result? An authentically grandma’s recipe Sambal that you can conveniently bring along with you anywhere you go. This versatile condiment can be served together with almost any Malaysian cuisine you can think of which includes Nasi Lemak, Fried Mee Hoon or Kuey Teow, and even Fried Rice.

Bawang Sambal can also be substituted as a dipping sauce (our fav is to pair it with fried chicken wings!) or on days where you feel ambitious and would like to cook, it can be used as a base for your homemade Nasi Goreng, stir-fried prawns, fried chicken or fish and even when frying vegetables like eggplants. To preserve its unique taste, do heat up our sambal and simmer with sliced or diced onions before serving.

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