Events Management

Events Management


Big Onion can help with any kind of occasion, taking the seeds of your event idea and transforming it into a satisfactory result is no longer a question of the past

We have a professional team, as well as working alongside our trusted Associate Event Planners that deals with idea conceptualization and venue designing.

Be it from a corporate event to an intimate dinner, a large-scale gala, a family day, a launching or a fabulous cocktail party, the challenge has never been sweeter as our creative team & associate event planners are there to brainstorm and mesh things up, in order to make your event not just successful but also, somewhat different and memorable enough not to leave the minds of your guests that quickly.

Need suggestions on how to bring your ideas to life? Look no further — creativity is our passion! Our team is constantly researching the newest and best in food concepts and décor to make sure that every event is one of a kind and memorable.


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