Behind every successful event, the brainchild comes from an excellent event management team. With Big Onion, we offer a full-fledged event management service for any kinds of occasion by growing the seeds of your event idea and growing it into reality.

Our trusted Associate Event Planners, together with you, begin the journey from conceptualizing the idea first. Then, we proceed to venue selection, design and complete them with the discussed theme settings.

Be it from a corporate event to an intimate dinner, a large-scale gala, a family day, a launching or a fabulous cocktail party, we have done it all with a big bang. A successful event is not just a well-planned and smooth sailing event, but also it is unique so that it leaves a lasting impression to all your guests and dignitaries.

Our team is constantly researching the newest and best in food concepts and décor so that no two events will be the same.

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