Fine DiningFine Dining Eating is such an integral part of Malaysian society so much so that you could eat at any time of the day and not be considered to be some kind of phagomaniac (excessive desire for food or eating).

Food is also readily available 24/7 and in some places you can get it delivered right to your doorstep with just a couple of finger swipes on your smart phone. Such is the passionate love affair we Malaysians have with food. We surely live to eat and not the reverse. Ask any average Malaysian and they’ll tell you it’s not only about stuffing our face crazy with grub but eating excellent flavourful food that we will swear blind is to die for.

Our passion for food has truly set the stage for the concept of fine dining in Malaysia. Back in the day,fine dining was synonymous with those of nobility and exclusive for the rich and famous. Eateries that practiced this art were even rarer. The art of fine dining has definitely developed over the years and in fact become a big part of urban Malaysian culture.

Hit TV shows like Master Chef and 24 hour cooking programs on cable TV have definitely influenced the masses. This phenomenon is evident through the plethora of fine dining eateries that have mushroomed all around the KL area and are brimming with people on the weekends.

Fine Dining in Malaysia

Dining in Malaysia has taken a paradigm shift where the average foodie no longer only looks for good flavour on the palate but rather an entire experience to go along with it. Fine dining fits the bill perfectly. So what is all this fuss about the experience of eating?

Firstly, it’s in the air, the atmosphere. This is an essential part to the fine dining experience, the first impression you get when you walk in to a restaurant. The ambience is usually tastefully designed. One would immediately feel comfortable and pampered with the surroundings. Soft tones of colours, dimmed lights and graceful music played in the background combined with comfortable chairs, make for a perfect dining experience.

Next, is the service, the people that make it all possible. Fine dining is more than just taking an order and serving the food promptly. It is about a bond between the patron and the server. Usually one smartly dressed server dedicated per table. They escort patrons to the table, holding the chair for women. They possess uncanny knowledge of the menu, ingredients, cooking methods, are prompt to answer any questions and ready to make recommendations. Clearing the table of crumbs in between courses, replacing linen napkins if a patron leaves the table and having excellent timing is also key as the pacing of the meal is leisurely yet consistent. These are just a few of the many ways your assigned server tries to make your fine dining experience a memorable one.

Fine Dining ExperiencesThe whole crux of the fine dining experience, boils down to these two key elements which are the plating and the flavour of the food served. Presentation is important as it combines food and the art concept together. Small portions with attention paid details, are placed exquisitely and crisply on a plate. These eye catching presentations are a joy to the senses and give the patron an uncontrollable urge to tuck into the delicacies placed before them.

Finally, the flavour of the food served is second to none. Superior quality produce treated delicately with respect to create dishes that taste very subtle yet outstanding. The food preparation is done by a chef who is qualified with years of industry experience and reputed to have special culinary skills.

Bringing all these 4 elements together culminates in an unforgettable dining experience that one should at least try once in his or her life time albeit the heavy price tag to go along with it. After all you only live once YOLO!!!, Why not live to eat now and then like the Royals of yesteryear.